B95R95 for those who speak DOS

B95.BAT and R95.BAT batch files were written for Backing up and Restoring configurations of Windows 95.

B95.bat and R95.bat must be run in DOS mode. It amazes me that Microsoft supplies backup tools that must be run from the GUI. If disaster strikes, the GUI is likely not accessible. To my thinking, backup/restore utilities should be kept simple, and should function in the most primitive environment.

B95.bat uses PKZIP for DOS to compress the registry files, ini's, links, pif's, and various other files to a single zip file.   The zip file is saved with the extension .b95 instead of .zip to avoid an unwary flat unzipping.

R95.bat, the restoring program, unzips (hierarchic) the file, placing all the config files in their proper directories.

The batch files also use DOSLFNBK, an excellent utility, written by D J Murdoch, that will backup and restore Long File Names that are lost during the DOS zipping process.

The backup process takes about 20 seconds on a Pentium 120 running a 2 meg Smartdrv cache, and produces a zip file of about 500K.  The restore process takes a little longer and requires a machine reboot.

This utility provides easy recovery from disaster and allows quick changes between different hardware or software configurations.
Running B95.bat before installing new software or hardware will allow recovery without the painful task of re-installing '95. B95.bat should be run before editing any part of the registry. B95R95 will allow switching between different HW config's without running the ludicrous hardware "wizard".  Switching between a mouse and a tablet, different video adapters, modems, is accomplished quickly.

The files saved by B95 were not determined by any inside knowledge of W95, goodness knows. They were determined by scrutinizing writes made by W95 during entry and exit. Some of the files saved to the zip file may be unnecessary but were included out of fear of the insidious behavior of Win95. Read B95.BAT for usage instructions. Customize the bat's to your preferences. For example: R95 deletes the entire desktop tree so that links made after B95 was run do not displace the position of the links in the backup zip and the restored desktop will look exactly like the backed desktop. You may not want to do this.

View B95.BAT for usage and syntax.

Now, if you, your spouse, child, or pet, makes a mess of W95, run R95 MyBackUp in DOS mode, and you will smile again.
I sleep better after a good B95.

B95ALL.EXE  (includes everything; the bats and pkzip and doslfnbk executables)
 B95ALL.EXE    150K Self Un-Zipper

B95BATS.ZIP (just the batch files)
 B95BATS.ZIP    4K ZIP File

B95R95 is probably less than freeware, so, please, do not send money.

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Rit Keiter ritk@sonic.net