B95R95 for "Speak No DOS"  Types                                        6/29/97

B95R95 is a utility for Backing up and Restoring configurations of Windows 95.  It provides easy recovery from disaster and allows quick changes between different hardware or software configurations.

The utility should not be confused with backup systems that save entire hard drives.  B95R95 only saves the configuration or settings of Windows 95.  The back up process takes less than 20 seconds on a Pentium and produces a compressed backup file that is tiny compared to all the Windows files.

Examples of how B95R95  can be useful:

1.  You download some new gee-whiz program and before you install it, you take the time run B95.  After installing the new pgm, you find it does not do what you want, and it has changed many of your file associations.  You find that after an un-install, the file associations are still screwed up.  Disgusted, you would like to be where you were before the whole gee-whiz thing happened.  You run R95 and live happily ever after.

2.  You buy a new video card, modem, pointing device, etc.  Being cautious, you run B95 before messing with your hardware.  After Windows does its automatic hardware finding, using "plug and pray", "hardware wizards, lizards, or slugs,", etc, you just want to go back to where you were.  You replace the new widget with the old, run R95, and drive to the store with the new widget and receipt in hand.

3.  You want to take your computer to a friends place.  Luckily, your friend has a spare monitor, as you really don't want to lug your 21 inch, 100 pound, state-of-the art monitor.  You have no idea what resolution and refresh rates the spare monitor is capable of.  You run B95, and then change your display settings to simple VGA so that the spare monitor does not display a scrambled mess.  When back home, you run R95, to work again with your turbo-charged monitor.

4.  A true story:  A young man telephoned in a panic.  I had set him up on the Web and he had just unwittingly made a pornographic JPEG his desktop wallpaper.  By uncanny coincidence, his parents were minutes away, enroute to "see the internet".  His panic was so intense, he had forgotten about B95R95.  Once reminded, he restored, and all ended well.

5.  Among your friends, you have become the resident Windows expert.  You have helped each friend tune up Windows and have wisely left them with a backup.b95.  Your friend John calls to explain that he was only playing with something called REGEDIT...


Size this window so that you can see My Computer on the desktop.
Double click My Computer.
Double click your C: hard drive.
Click File | New | Folder
Type B95 for the name of the new folder and hit enter.
Click this link  B95ALL.EXE    150K Self Un-Zipper to start a download.
For the saving location, type C:\B95\B95ALL.EXE and hit enter.
After the download is complete, open (double click) the B95 folder and double click B95ALL.
You will see B95ALL.EXE unzip a number of files.
You may delete B95ALL.EXE.  The installation is complete.

Go to DOS mode: Start | Shut Down | Restart the computer in MS-DOS mode?

Change to the B95 folder:  Type CD \B95
There must be a space after CD and you must use the back-slash, not the forward-slash.
The prompt should now look like this:
ANYNAME must be 8 characters or less and must not have an extension.
Example names:  bob, jane, current, vga, mouse, tablet, 970629 (todays date).
Hit enter and you will see a lot of file names scroll up the screen and finally the statement:
Windows 95 configuration backed up to ANYNAME.B95
Type WIN to restart Windows.
Tip: Before running B95, type SMARTDRVto greatly speed up the process.

Go to DOS mode: Start | Shut Down | Restart the computer in MS-DOS mode?

Change to the B95 folder:  Type CD \B95

Now, if you, your spouse, child, or pet, makes a mess of Windows 95, run R95, and you will smile again.
I sleep better after a good B95.

B95R95 is probably less than freeware, so, please, do not send money.

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Rit Keiter