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GDL 90
GDL 90

Package includes:
  • GDL 90
  • Top and bottom mount datalink antenna
  • WAAS GPS antenna
  • Installation kit

MX20 The GDL 90, transfers information to the MX20™ color multi-function display.
WAAS enabled

Garmin is proud to introduce the GDL 90™ — general aviation's first certified ADS-B Universal Access Transceiver (UAT).

The GDL 90 is a TSO C145a remote-mount unit, certified to support a broad array of Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) broadband services. It is designed to interface with the MX20 multi-function display and includes a TSO-C145a WAAS GPS sensor that offers outstanding position accuracy and integrity.

The GDL 90 uses ADS-B technology — a new technology that allows pilots in the cockpit and air traffic controllers on the ground to "see" aircraft traffic with much more precision than has ever been possible before. ADS-B can make flying safer and can provide more efficient use of our airspace. It is the enabling technology behind the FAA's vision for an air traffic management concept known as "Free Flight."

The Garmin GDL 90 is designed to transmit, receive and decode ADS-B messages via a digital datalink. It broadcasts your aircraft's position, velocity, projected track, altitude, and flight identification to other equipped aircraft in your vicinity, as well as to ground-based transceivers maintained by the FAA.

The broadband datalink itself operates on 978 MHz. It is capable of data transmission rates in excess of 1 megabit per second, providing the bandwidth to transfer large graphical weather files, TFRs, and traffic in real time.

The GDL 90 relies on the infrastructure that is part of the FAA's Safe Flight 21 program. This program is currently under development with implementation of the ground-based portion of the ADS-B network taking place along the East Coast and in Arizona. Additional installations of ADS-B ground stations are planned for Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico, with the rest of the U.S. to follow.

The ground stations can track aircraft movement and will eventually be used to broadcast traffic and weather services. Pilots equipped with the GDL 90 and operating within the ground station coverage area will receive TIS-B traffic, FIS-B weather, and TRF services free of charge. There are no monthly fees or usage charges.

The GDL 90: The affordable data link that can take you into tomorrow's airspace and beyond.

Garmin part number: 013-00176-01

Suggested Retail Price:
$7995.00 U.S.D. (for domestic US market only)

GDL 90 features:
  • Unit dimensions: 3.5"W x 7.4"H x 12.6"D
  • TSO C154 Universal Access Transceiver
  • TSO C145a WAAS certified GPS sensor
  • Interfaces with the Garmin MX20 color LCD Display
  • 40 watts of transmit power
  • 1.04 Mbps data rate
  • 978 MHz frequency
  • 10-40 VDC power capability
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