Letter to Andrew Soltyk


For some time, I have theorized that there was a
key designer that I have been calling "The Professor".
I base this on the writing style and design philosophy I
have seen in some of the documents we received with
our Iskra.

Jan and Bart Burns of Dallas operate a TS11 like ours
and Jan discovered that the TS stands for Tadeusz Soltyk.
The Iskra was his 11th design.

I am confident that Tadeusz Soltyk  is my "Professor".

He is 90 years old and lives in Warsaw.

His son, Andrew Soltyk, lives in Syracuse NY and we
have been communicating via email.

~~~~~~~Letter to Andrew~~~~~~~3/15/2001~~~~~

Andrew Soltyk,

I have just learned that the TS in TS11 Iskra stands
for Tadeusz Soltyk, your father.  I am delighted to
learn this.

My three partners and I own a TS11 and have been
flying it joyfully for the last year in Santa Rosa, California.

For almost three years, I have referred to your father
as the "Professor".  I became convinced that there
was one man responsible for the elegance of the
 Iskra design after reading a document that I am
almost sure your father wrote.  This document came
to me as copies of copies in a moist paper box mixed
up with other documents.  I dried and separated the
electric schematics, the hydraulic schematics, and
the portion I believe is your father's own writing.  It
describes the physics of various systems and the
rationale for design decisions.

The document appears to be aimed at the mechanic,
or even the pilot, but it is clearly written by the key
engineer and it provided immediate insight to me
on various aircraft systems.  The writer could not
hide the depth of his understanding.

There is a rationale, not an apology, for no
onboard air compressor.

There is a  description of the sequential engine
starting system that capitalizes on the compound
starter/generator to produce minimum current starts.
In a few hundred words, and some simple drawings,
the document allowed me to understand and appreciate
the elegance of this system.

I said to my partners: "This was written by the Professor."

The TS11 Iskra is a beautifully balanced airplane, with
performance and reliability exceeding  later Eastern
European designs.  I hold the designer in awe.

Please pass this on to your father.  I know I could
spend hours talking with him if only I spoke Polish.

Rit Keiter
day: 1 707 542 6053